Welcome to Crocevia

The Crocevia Cultural Association presents– as its name suggests – an interdisciplinary profile.
It got its inspiration from Carl Gustav Jung and James Hillman’s psychological thought and it’s interested to various manifestations of knowledge.
Crocevia creates a psychological culture through its reflection on border themes, paying homage to complex sciences, that, by adopting a global point of view, consider single disciplines as perspectives with a “weak” epistemological statute.
Crocevia wants to keep alive the relationship between ideas and their manifestation: from this, the attention to actuality, where archetypes reveal themselves.
Crocevia promotes research and information and organizes congresses, meetings and seminars with the collaboration of Universities and local, national and international institutions.
Crocevia is a meeting place where several roads intersect.
Its tutelary numen is Ermes, the god of wayfarers, who accompanies the souls…
Tradition presents him as a Messenger among gods and humans, who making connections among several archetypical realities. In classical Greece, the multiform god of transformation wasn’t usually represented by altars with anthropomorphic figures. Primitive altars, made from heaps of stones at crossroads, were consecrated to him. Ermes, the multiform god of the roads, gave his epiphany to the traveler.
The image of Crocevia seems particularly suitable for this representation, meeting moment and intersection among wayfarers: there where the roads cross.

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